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A. Festival Tickets
1. The Yuin Folk Club has a no refunds policy.
1.1 The Yuin Folk Club is a not-for-profit organisation.  It aims to keep ticket prices affordable while meeting the cost of producing the Festival. The Festival’s pricing structure means that it is difficult to offer refunds. However, the YFC reserves the right to exercise discretion in exceptional circumstances.
The organisers reserve the right to change the program as required by circumstances and conditions at any time without notice. The festival will generally proceed whatever the weather conditions. In general, the policy is that Tickets to the Cobargo Folk Festival are non-refundable.
1.2. The ‘no refund’ policy will be strictly applied in relation to Tickets purchased at the Gate and once a pre-purchased Ticket has been redeemed for a wristband at the Festival. An application for a refund in relation to a Ticket once a ticket holder has a wristband would only be considered in exceptional circumstances.
1.3 Persons who find themselves unable to use a Ticket purchased prior to the relevant Festival are encouraged to gift the Ticket so that someone else can take advantage of the Ticket.
1.4. A refund, if approved, is only for the Ticket price paid. The booking fee and any credit card fee associated with the Ticket purchase will not be refunded except when charged in error. These charges are not paid to the Yuin Folk Club, but to the ticketing provider and bank. An alternative option may be provided to defer the passes to the next Festival.
2. Refunds may be made in the following circumstances:
2.1 Volunteers
A person who has purchased a Ticket for a Festival prior to registering to be a Volunteer for the particular Festival will be eligible for a refund after performing the required hours or more of volunteer service for the Organisation.
Applications MUST be accompanied by the Ticket purchase receipt in the Volunteer’s name and the person’s Volunteer Timesheet.
2.2 Performers
Some performers may have purchased a Ticket prior to being notified of their engagement as a performer for the same Festival. If performer status is confirmed by the Festival Director, a refund will normally be provided.
Applications MUST be accompanied by the Ticket purchase receipt in the performer’s name.
2.3 Supplier Mistakes
If the purchaser believes the Yuin Folk Club or its agent has made a mistake in ticketing, the following are required for consideration of a refund: Ticket purchase receipt and a Statutory Declaration outlining the cause of the problem or alleged mistake.
2.4 Festival Cancellation
In the event that the festival has to be cancelled PRIOR to the scheduled commencement date of the festival, pre-purchased tickets will be refunded.
3. Compassionate Grounds
3.1 A refund may be approved on compassionate grounds when unforeseen circumstances such as injury, illness, family bereavement or misadventure render a person who has pre-purchased a Ticket from attending the Festival.
3.2 A person applying for a refund on compassionate grounds should clearly set out the relevant unforeseen circumstances in writing to the Yuin Folk Club and provide supporting documentation as relevant. As a general rule, the earlier an application is made after the unforeseen circumstances, the greater the likelihood a refund will be approved. Refund applications MUST be accompanied by the Ticket purchase receipt issued to the applicant.
4. No refund circumstances
No Refund will be approved in the following circumstances: 
5. Process for seeking a refund
5.1 In order for a refund to be processed the Yuin Folk Club must receive the following items by email or post within 28 days of the completion of the relevant Festival:
Confirmation of receipt of the refund applications is only possible if items are received by email or registered post.
5.2 A decision on a Ticket Refund application must be made and the applicant advised of the outcome in writing by email or letter by 31 May following the relevant Festival and any refund approved paid by 30 June of the same year.
B. Merchandise Products
6. Please choose carefully as we do not give refunds simply because you changed your mind or made the wrong decision.
6.1 Where goods are faulty, wrongly described, different from a sample shown to you or don't do what they are supposed to do, you can choose between a refund, exchange or credit. Please contact the Yuin Folk Club in the first instance to discuss which option and how to proceed.
6.2 Please retain your receipt or email confirmation for proof of purchase.
6.3 When returning a product for refund, exchange or credit, a copy of the original receipt or email confirmation must also be included in the return envelope. Please allow 14 - 30 days for your item to be returned. Freight charges to and from the customer will be paid by the Yuin Folk Club 


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