Fri 3 March - Sun 5 March 2023

Volunteer Registration


Volunteer Expression of Interest for the 2022 Cobargo Folk Festival

Dear Vollies,
Volunteer applications are now open.

This will be a slightly smaller festival than usual with two main stages and a smaller, more intimate venue. The event will run from Friday evening (from 5pm) through to Sunday (finishing around 3.30pm). We will have food and market stalls and a bigger, improved bar area. There will be sessioning spaces, some workshops, but no youth stage or kids’ festival this year. We’ve put the ticket prices as low as we can.

We have reduced the number of volunteer hours needed to reflect the shortened festival hours. Volunteers will receive free camping but there will be no power other than for the construction team vols who come in two weeks before the festival. We have had to work hard to pull this festival together given all the uncertainties and look to all our volunteers to help us make this a successful event. These changes are not permanent  – we hope to be back to normal in 2023.

We are aiming to be a ZERO LANDFILL festival this year as Bega Valley landfill sites are under pressure from all the bushfire debris that has been disposed of locally. Please sort your waste and take home anything that cannot be composted or recycled. Bega Valley Shire Council is providing us with funding to set up a hot wash station to clean your soft plastics and other waste so you don’t have to take home smelly rubbish…

Volunteers have been an integral part of the organisation and running of the Cobargo Folk Festival since it began in 1995. Volunteers bring a diverse range of skills and backgrounds essential to the success of the Festival and their contribution is acknowledged and deeply appreciated.  The Festival would not be possible without the generous contribution of hundreds of volunteers.  We hope that our volunteers find the festival, like Cobargo village, is a friendly and welcoming community with connection as its core value. By connecting to people and place the volunteers continue to enrich the festival with their skills, diversity and camaraderie.

Why volunteer @ CFF?

  • Receive a weekend pass including camping to the WHOLE festival in exchange for SIX hours of volunteer work.
  • Receive invitations to pre- and post- festival volunteer events.
  • References available upon request.
  • Volunteering is a great way to become a part of the dynamic that makes up the festival.
  • Gain first-hand experience in the organisational needs of a successful community music festival.
  • Connect to to the local community and the broader folk community.
  • Meet and work with like-minded people, whilst having heaps of fun.
  • Attend the post festival Volunteers party.
  • Support a fabulous community event!

Volunteer hours required

SIX (6) hours of volunteer work is the minimum required FOR THIS 2022 EVENT, allowing each volunteer to receive the volunteer benefits mentioned above. It must be remembered that volunteers do not receive a free ticket. Instead, volunteers are receiving a ticket in exchange for SIX hours (minimum) of their work. We, at the festival, value the hard work of the volunteers just as much as the volunteers appreciate their hard-earned ticket.

Special Note to Under-18s

CFF volunteers must be aged 15 years and over, for legal reasons. If you would like to volunteer as an under-18 you will need to have an adult (25 years +) on the site for the duration of the festival. They will need to sign you in at the check in table. This year, under-18 volunteers only need to contribute FOUR hours of volunteer time in exchange for a weekend pass to the WHOLE festival- includes camping! Under-18 volunteers also need to agree to the Terms of Agreement and the Volunteer Code of Conduct. Failure to abide by the code will result in your accompanying adult being notified and ejection from the festival site could be a possibility.

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Principles The Yuin Folk Club expects volunteers, contractors, stallholders, performers, consultant or any other contributors to demonstrate fairness, integrity and sound professional and ethical practice at all times in every aspect of their engagement with the Organisation. The Code of Conduct requires volunteers to:

  • Display a positive, friendly and approachable manner;
  • Display respect and acceptance to all, ensuring an enjoyable, fun, safe experience that embraces diversity regardless of race, age, religion, appearance, gender or sexuality;
  • Support a positive working environment free from intimidation, bullying, ridicule, harassment and abuse;
  • Promote a sense of community where the significance of each and every contribution that creates the Organisations spirit as a whole is valued;
  • Be mindful of, and responsive to, circumstances/situations/issues that demand attention;
  • Use sound judgment and common sense to recognise and resolve issues that can be resolved immediately and reporting immediately where necessary, any issues that need to be dealt with by Team Leaders or Team Managers;
  • Contact the relevant team coordinator/manager or Volunteer Coordinator if experiencing any difficulties in undertaking their duties, working with fellow colleagues or hold concerns about any events that are happening;
  • Use respectful communication when dealing with others;
  • Comply at all times with the Yuin Folk Club and Cobargo Folk Festival’s policies and procedures;
  • Comply with all relevant state and Commonwealth legislation, laws and regulations;
  • Not be under the effects of drugs or alcohol when representing the Organisation, or when undertaking volunteer duties;
  • Adhere to the principles of privacy and confidentiality and not disclose any information, contracts, documents, resources or personal details to any third party whilst associated with the Organisation or any time thereafter unless required to do so by law.

The Yuin Folk Club encourages contractors, stallholders, performers, consultants or any others associated with the Club and its activities, including the festival, to observe this Code of Conduct.

Roles and Responsibilities with Respect to the Code of Conduct

The Yuin Folk Club Committee is responsible for ratifying the Code of Conduct and for reviewing it as necessary. The Code of Conduct is available to all volunteers via this website. Cobargo Folk Festival Managers and/or Team Leaders/Coordinators should ensure that volunteers working on their teams have access to a copy of the Code of Conduct before commencing work. Individuals are accountable for their own actions and decisions and must act in accordance with the Human Rights Act 2004 and all other applicable laws and regulations and the Organisation’s Code of Conduct. We ask that all volunteers abide by our Volunteer Code of Conduct and agree to the terms and conditions as set out below.

Terms of Agreement for Volunteers

  • I agree to abide by the Yuin Folk Club’s Code of Conduct;
  • I agree to carry out my volunteer tasks according to the hours and checklists provided;
  • I agree to contact my Team Coordinator and the Volunteers Coordinator as early as possible if circumstances prevent my commencing a shift;
  • I am aware that the Organisation processes and procedures in place and will ensure that all volunteers have access to these prior to the commencement of the festival
  • If I breach the Code of Conduct, I acknowledge that I may be relieved of my duties and be escorted from the site and that breaches may affect my volunteer applications to CFF in the future
  • I acknowledge that Organisation agrees to treat any breaches of the code of conduct fairly, equitably and in accordance to their approved processes and procedures;

When you register to volunteer, it is important to remember that festival organisers reserve the right to not accept a registration if the person has been an inappropriate fit as a volunteer in the past.

You will be notified within 2 weeks of submitting your form whether or not you have been accepted as a volunteer.

Job Descriptions

Position Description: The 2022 festival is committed to ZERO LANDFILL. This team will play an integral role in our waste management and recycling operations, smooth running, cleanliness, sustainability and appearance of the festival. In this role you will be mobile throughout your shift as you move about the festival site, fulfilling your duties (listed below). This job requires volunteers who are physically capable of meeting expectations and responsibilities. Please note: you will NOT be cleaning any toilets, only tidying the bathroom spaces.

Duties may include but are not limited to:

  • Assist the Sustainability Team Leader manage the recycling and disposal of waste in a sustainable manner to support our “ZERO LANDFILL” commitment.
  • Monitoring bins and advising patrons of correct waste disposal when required
  • Clearing tables in eating areas
  • Assist in keeping eating areas and bar clean and tidy
  • Keeping grounds clear of waste, including camping areas
  • Monitoring Volunteer Respite and Breastfeeding Space for bin collection
  • Working with Scouts to ensure full bins are swiftly dealt with.
  • Monitoring toilets and amenities for cleanliness and health and safety concerns
  • Replenishing provisions when and where necessary
  • Liaising with Cleaning and Maintenance contractor, and associated staff, regarding issues/concerns.
  • Liaising with Site Manager and/or 2IC
  • Working with Workability and/or Scouts teams on education and messaging.
  • The Tidy Team is ideal for Under-18s (5 hours total of tidying the eating areas and venues and collecting waste from vendors).
  • 6am starts for the ‘Sparrow Fart Team’. Volunteers in this sub-group start their shifts this early in order to tidy the area in and around the bars and venues, preparing them for the day. In your application include a note, in the comments box provided, about your willingness to fill this role (limited spaces).
Thank you!

Should you require any further information please contact: Carly McMahon Volunteers Manager     —     0408448684 (TEXTS ONLY PLEASE)