Fri 3 March - Sun 5 March 2023

Festival Venues

Biamanga and Gulaga

These are the two large marquee venues, used mainly for general concert performances.

Biamanga (also known as Mumbulla Mountain) is the central feature of Biamanga Aboriginal Place, which is part of a large ceremonial and cultural pathway on the south coast. The Biamanga venue is to the left of the front gate on entering the Showground.

Gulaga, is a mountain within the Gulaga National Park. Yuin people know Gulaga as Mother Mountain. It is an important women’s place, linked to ceremony, childbirth and storytelling. The Gulaga venue is on the Showground Arena.


The Yuin Folk Club Stage. The Yuin Folk Club banner forms the backdrop to the stage. This venue derives its name from the Yuin Folk Club, which was named in honour, and with permission, of the Yuin Nation on the South Coast. The Yuin Folk Club Inc is the producer of the Cobargo Folk festival.

The Yuin Elders' Tent is located on the Showground Arena. This venue is managed by volunteers from the Yuin Community and is a place of healing where we can share yarns, songs and knowledge, where all feel welcome, where no question is a stupid question and where we can come together to learn about each other and move into the future together.

Our Instrument lock-up, available to performers only, is behind the Wandella venue.

The Brolga venue is named after an Australian bird in the crane family that is well known for its intricate mating dance. In normal years, this venue is used for dance. This year we have postponed the dance program and this venue will be available for sessions and picks. The dance program will be back in full swing in 2023.

The Wandella is a venue that this year will host workshops. it is named after a mountain in the Wadbilliga National Park to the west of Cobargo.

Spooners Bar and the Festival Shop are co-located in the central Showground building. It is a licenced premise serving both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Just across the road from Spooners is our new Session Space - hoping for some great tunes sessions during the festival in this space.