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The Spooky Men’s Chorale

Big, bold, bible-black, bilious … the Spooky Men’s Chorale comes to Cobargo to hammer another hapless audience with their now famous blend of dropdeadpan stupidity, cavernous manchords and hairy, giltedged beauty….and a whole swag of brand new songs.

Society for Creative Anachronism

The Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA, is an international living history organization dedicated to researching, maintaining and recreating the arts, skills, and traditions of pre-17th-century Europe. SCA dancers and musicians at Cobargo are mostly members of the Sydney branch, but there are also groups in other capital cities as regional centres. The SCA will introduce circle dances from the 16th century.

Slow Sessions

The slow sessions are brought to you by Ray Mulligan, Gavin & Moir Holmes, Alan & Linda Swift, and Ralph Pride They have been running these sessions at the National Folk Festival since 2003. The sessions are focussed on participation. The tunes are played at a pace suited to those learning an instrument and for those learning to play in groups.

Shortis and Simpson

Shortis and Simpson are a Canberra-based cabaret duo that specialise in shows about history and politics in a way that is satirical, humorous, poignant, informative and unpredictable. They will be marking the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper’s album (50 Years Ago Today), running a festival choir, and presenting some up-to-date political satire.

Set In Their Ways

‘Set In Their Ways’ is a lively adult Irish Set Dancing group from Canberra. Whether you come to listen or dance, the infectious rhythms of the music will have your toes tapping along in no time

Scott Cook and the Second Chances (Canada)

A roots balladeer with a rare personal warmth, Canada’s Scott Cook has distilled the stories collected over a decade of near incessant touring across Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia into straight-talking, keenly observant verse. Scott is returning to Cobargo with his trio the Second Chances.

The Sauerkrauts (Germany)

A yodellin´, thigh slappin’, lederhosen wettin´ dancefest of German music with The Beez´ Deta and Rob. Thrill to comic classics from Rammstein to Kraftwerk; tear off that dirndl and shake a Teutonic Tailfeather to Nena´s 99 Red Balloons but, most of all, be entertained- that´s an order!


An award winning Celtic band, Saoirse bring beautiful Celtic music to a wide audience, promoting and organizing performances at venues all over Australia, offering a little bit of everything Celtic, including heartfelt ballads, lively jigs & reels, toe tapping polkas, all the while writing and arranging original works.

The Sandy River Belles

The Sandy River Belles consist of Jenny Shimmin, banjo, fiddle & vocals, Jeri Foreman, fiddle & vocals & Gage Stead, Double Bass & vocals. They play old time & bluegrass music. Despite living in different States – Jeri & Gage in Adelaide, & Jenny in Sydney – their shared large repertoire of traditional music & a fierce love for the music bridge the distance with ease.

The Royal High Jinx

The Royal High Jinx write, play and sing music inspired by European traditions, shaded with Hot Club/Manouche/ Klezmer, jazz and a pinch of classical virtuosity, while sporting a spectacular wardrobe combining dapper suits and burlesque exuberance.

Rowena Wise

Award-winning Melbourne songstress Rowena Wise has grown up with music, touring nationally and internationally from a young age in the Wise Family Band. Laying pop infused melodies, and rich, quirky conversational lyrics onto a sparse folk canvas, she performs with a believability that defies her 23 years.

Rob Cleary

Rob has never grown up and just does shows for kids. He presents a wacky roller-coaster ride of join in action songs, dances, and his famous kids’ parade. Special guest Sneaky the Snake.

Rhys Davies The Trickster

Rhys Davies ‘The Trickster’ returns to Cobargo after running away to join a circus in New Zealand, with more sneaky tricks, cheeky jokes and hair. Lots more hair.

Psycho Zydeco

Sydney based Psycho Zydeco have established themselves at the forefront of the energetic uplifting style of music known as Zydeco. This music was originally born in the swamplands and bayou area of Louisiana’s Deep South. The band’s earthy blend of traditional Cajun, Blues and Swamp music produce a heady mix of their Australian brand of Zydeco.

Prelude to a Kiss

A relaxing and intimate rendezvous with resonant cascades of instruments: voice, wind, brass, piano and strings. With deep mutual respect, these three highly experienced women spice contemporary songs with sensuous acoustic intimations of multi-culture, jazz/blues, and ambient folk.

Peter Hicks

A Tasmanian based troubadour whose songs “have teeth”. Peter presents songs from a well-received new album, full of songs which challenge the powerful with grit and humour and singalong choruses!

Noisy Nonna in the Kitchen

Isabella & Matilda have a Nonna who cooks a lot, plays ukulele and sings. Interactive storytelling with the children playing kitchen utensil ‘instruments’ ina ‘kitchen band’ and Nonna (Georgina Adamson, who is a real cook!) on her ukulele.


“Mojo” is Garry Carson Jones, Shayne Jones and Sam Martin, recognized as one of the top entertaining bands on the far south coast.

Miriam Lieberman with Liz Frencham & Suzie Bishop

Singer songwriter Miriam Lieberman has been busy with her trio, touring her latest album release ‘Full Circle’. Having spent long periods of time studying with greats in West Africa, Miriam writes and performs mostly on kora (West African harp). She brings to it her own contemporary Western pop sensibilities and an unmistakable voice.

Michael Menager & Friends

California-born singer/songwriter Michael Menager has an ear for the common threads in our human experience: pitfalls and disappointments, insights and epiphanies. Michael is now based in Tantawangalo, Australia, where his debut album, Clean Exit, was recorded in 2014. Michael’s second album, Not the Express, produced by Candelo’s Heath Cullen and recorded in LA with an all-star cast, is getting a great reception both in Australia and overseas.

Mica Lynnah

Mica Lynnah is a dancer, artist, community arts worker and performer with a background in creative movement and contemporary dance. She has performed and collaborated on various dance and theatre projects in the ACT and NSW, and is well known in the Bega Valley for her unique dance classes and dance troupe The Haniyami.

Mexico Lindo

Mexico Lindo was formed in 2011 to promote Mexican culture through dance. Reflecting the multicultural Australian society Mexico Lindo now integrates people from countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Australia and Laos.

Maypole with Molly

Maypole with Molly audience participation sessions encourage children and adults to dance around the maypole or play percussion. Founder and accordionist, Erika Cleaver (Molly) has been an accompanist and leader of several folk dance groups and is an experienced early childhood teacher who loves sharing music and dance with kids.

Max Cullen

Max Cullen has been treading the boards for most of his life. He has received various awards for theatre, film and television. Possibly channelling Lennie Lower, he worked as a journalist, including the infamous Kings Cross Whisper. Max wrote the script for “Dead Men Laughing” in which he plays Lennie Lower, another stage collaboration with Warren Fahey in a follow up to the hugely successful “Dead Men Talking” in which Max and Warren portrayed Henry Lawson and Banjo Patterson respectively.

“Dead Men Laughing” is a festival fringe event on Thursday 23 February that is separately ticketed with limited seating.

Martin Pearson

Martin is a strange mixture of comedy, folk and cabernet merlot. Not quite old enough to be a legend, he will continue to describe himself as a folkie out of sheer bloody-mindedness, and will crash-tackle anyone who calls him eclectic.


Virtuosic, original and exciting, Malumba’s genre-defying music will take you on a sonic journey while making your toes tap and your heart soar. With hints of Klezmer melodies, wild jazz harmonies, Celtic instruments and African rhythms, Malumba’s sound is unique and hugelyversatile.

Lloyd Spiegel

Lloyd Spiegel is an artist on the cutting edge of the blues scene in Australia. Australian Guitar Magazine recently named him as one of the 50 top Australian guitarists of all time. He’s been playing professionally since the age of 12 and has released 8 albums – with the most recent ‘Double Live Set’ debuting at #1 on the Australian blues airplay chart and #14 on the AIR Independent Charts in 2015.

Les Poules à Colin (Canada)

Les Poules à Colin are a young band from Québec’s Lanaudière region famous for its traditional music: they learned their craft from the finest in the genre. On top of their natural talent, energy and respect for the repertoire, they have beautifully arranged both original and folk-trad tunes and songs for fiddle, foot percussion, twin vocals, guitars, banjo, mandolin and electric bass.

Lance and Gabrielle Mackey

Lance and Gabrielle Mackey have coordinated, taught and assisted with many Cajun dances, workshops, and classes at home, local dances and at a number of folk festivals, including the National Folk Festival. Lance and Gabrielle are both looking forward to introducing Cajun dance to the Cobargo Folk Festival in 2017.

Kerryn Fields

A performance from the charismatic Fields will expose those nerves that need airing, as she takes on the heavy lifting of diving into the human condition and exploring it thoroughly.

Kameruka Bush Orchestra

The Kameruka Bush Orchestra is a collective of traditional players, from the Bega Valley, interested in playing and promoting Australian dance tunes for the traditional Bush Dances. They performed for the regular monthly dance at Kameruka Hall.

Jonathan Richman Experience

Jonathan Richman Experience (JRE) celebrates the music of one of rock’s most eccentric and unpredictable cult figures. Jonathan Richman is known for his wide-eyed, unaffected and childlike outlook, and music that, while rooted in rock and roll, often draws on influences from around the world.

John Flanagan Trio

Combining 60s/70s folk singer/songwriter influences with a contemporary Americana/ bluegrass sound. In Feb 2016 John released his latest album, ‘There’s Another Way to Where You’re Going’ which was recorded inNashville with producer Viktor Krauss and has been nominated for best Folk/Roots Album in The Age Music Victoria Awards.

Jasmine Beth

Jasmine Beth sings original folk tales inspired by poetry, plays, ancient myths, strange people and newspapers. Audiences enjoy her warm stage presence and engaging story telling. Jasmine was a finalist in the 2014

Australian Songwriting Contest, runner-up in the 2010 Sydney Singer-Songwriters’ Competition and a semi-finalist in the 2009 UK Songwriting Competition.

The Haniyami

The Haniyami is a local improvisational dance and movement troupe lead by Mica Lynnah. Out of the growing dance scene in the Bega Valley, this group challenges the boundaries between performer and audience, creating art with and within their surroundings. Sometimes charming, sometimes creepy, always enchanting – The Haniyami is all about enriching their environment.

Glover & Sorrensen

Glover & Sorrensen are funny. In fact, with two stand-up comedians on stage at the same time, it’s twice as funny. With lots of improvisation, this show feeds off the audience with hilarious and unpredictable results.

Hold onto your funny bones…

Glenn Skuthorpe

Find the crossroads of blues, roots, country and folk and you will discover Nhunggabarra, Kooma, Muruwari man and international touring singer songwriter Glenn Skuthorpe with his guitar, mandolin, banjo and harmonicas in hand. The singer songwriter has carved a reputation as an exemplary lyricist and composer, travelling the world and sharing through music.

Gina Williams

Winner of the Indigenous Act of the Year for 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 (Western Australia Music Industry Awards), Gina connects with and captures audiences through the power of song. It’s even more special when it’s sung in rare Noongar language. Gina brings a fresh, modern take on ancient traditions; merging evocative sounds, natural acoustic instruments, and poignant stories with her incredible,beautiful voice.

Genni Kane

This ARIA winning former Flying Emu brings the songs and the voice front and centre. Humorous and heartbreaking, she sings the stories that mark a lifetime of songwriting.


Gabadoo is a Yuin man, born and raised in Bermagui NSW. He has been creating hip hop, R & B and urban funk music for over ten years, and is known for producing soul–infused beats and clear, dynamic vocals.

Frankly Charlotte

Local identity Charlotte Lyngbye, has been performing in the Bega Valley and at Cobargo Folk Festival on and off for two decades, with jazz ensembles, a medieval quartet, folk and rock with musical friends, even singing the occasional classical repertoire. Playing here in her own right.

Fran Robertson

Many years of formal training have not extinguished Fran’s passion for dance. From traditional dance from around the world to tap and jazz, Fran just loves to dance.


FolkLines plays dance music for bush and colonial dances across the Southern Highlands and the Monaro. They have an extensive repertoire of collected Australian dances and music to go with them.

The Figmentz

The Figmentz are a 4-piece band (bass, drums, keyboard and guitar) with the addition of the Fairley Savage horns from VCA in Melbourne plus the dynamic vocals of Colleen Spillane and Stacey Mills. The Figmentz are presenting a new show “Soul Shakedown”, the story of soul music from gospel through to the world of Stax and Motown.

Enda Kenny & Dave O’Neill

Enda Kenny is an Irish-born songwriter who has made his home in Melbourne since the late 1980’s. His thoughtful, descriptive stories of his adoptive homeland have struck a chord with festival audiences all over the world. Multi-instrumentalist Dave O’Neill spent a decade on the road with the Eric Bogle Band. Kenny & O’Neill have a musical alliance that will entertains and engages every audience they play to.

Djembe Forte

Djembe Forte is a drumming and dance group that plays West African rhythms. The dances they perform are from Guinea and are deeply rooted in the village tradition. Hailing from the Eurobodalla, they have been playing many festivals along the South Coast.

Danny Spooner

Danny Spooner’s passion is the expression of British and Australian culture through folk music. Internationally respected, Danny has entertained audiences for more than 50 years, sharing his immense repertoire of songs covering the full range of human emotions, endeavours and experiences.

Daniel Champagne

Born and raised in the Bega Valley, this talented young musician makes a welcome return from his current home in the US.

Corinne Gibbons & Tim Gaze

Corinne and Tim have been working together since the early ’90s and have enjoyed songwriting and performing their unique style of acoustic guitar and vocal music both here and overseas. Corinne’s 3rd album ‘MELT’ won two independent film awards for best music and nature film. Corinne also assists children and adults in discovering their voices. Tim Gaze has long been considered as one of Australia’s greatest guitarists who has played in many iconic Oz rock bands as well as fronting his own.

Corey Legge

Corey Legge plays heartfelt acoustic folk and pop, drawing influence from growing up on the beautiful Far South Coast of NSW. Corey’s music is rich, honest, and warm, with intricate fingerpicking and vocal melodies that will get stuck in your head for days

Chloe & Jason Roweth

Songs, yarns, dance music and poems of the kitchen, verandah, shearers’ huts, and pub, convict, rebel and bushranger songs, songs from the wars, songs fighting for peace. The Roweths have been researching and reinventing Australian music and entertainment as a profession for over twenty years, and have recorded over twenty albums.

Candelo Songwriters’ Club

Melanie said, “Hey Phil! Wanna come to Songwriters? We send out a word, you write a song with it, then we meet at my place and play our songs. This week’s word is ‘creek’ “. Nearly four years later and with a floating membership of about 15, they all have a bunch of songs they’re pretty happy with. Their concert will have lots of variety and lots of fun!

Bunch of Keys (Ceili Band)

A motley collection of trad musos who have all found themselves living on the south coast of NSW, members of Bunch of Keys have played in sessions and for ceilis over many years together. As The Canberra Ceili Band and Cornerhouse Ceili Band, they played ceilis at the National Folk Festival, The Turning Wave and are thrilled to be together again for Cobargo.

Bruce Mathiske

Internationally recognised as a maestro of the guitar, Bruce’s warmth, virtuosity and humour have spellbound audiences all over the globe. He enthrals audiences with infectious rhythms, fiery fretwork from far flung corners of his guitar with flavours of Hot Club, Latin, folk and more.

The Blue Ruins

Kate, Allan and Aidan AKA The Blue Ruins, one of Australia’s hardest working blues acts in Australia, are back for one festival only with some new material, an extra member and an exciting, raw show.

Black Mountain String Band

A celebration of string band music, where the fiddles and voices harmonise with the rhythms of the banjo, guitar and double bass. It’s an eclectic blend of Appalachia, Cajun, Tex-Mex and bluegrass with an original and home grown twist.

Bill Jackson with Pete Fidler

Melbourne Singer-Songwriter Bill Jackson tours exclusively with Pete Fidler, one of Australia’s finest dobro/resonator players. Bill has recently released ‘The Wayside Ballads Vol 2’ through Laughing Outlaw Records and been nominated for an Age Music Victoria Award – Best Country Album 2016.

Barefoot Salsa

Earthy and passionate, take off your shoes, loosen up those hips and be surprised how quickly you will fall in love with Rachel Murphy’s innovative approach to Salsa! Workshop suitable for all levels.

Zoe Ryan

Zoë Ryan is a wandering singer-songwriter, who hails from Western Australia. Enigmatic and ever changing, her live show is made up of upbeat and down-tempo acoustic folk-roots, known for a distinctive vocal and narrative style. Recently, Ryan has toured the country solo and has appeared at a number of metro and regional locations and festivals, including Bellingen Turtle Festival, Perth’s Fringe world and Adelaide Fringe Festival. Ryan brings her new band to Cobargo Folk Festival for the first time, off the back of releasing a live EP captured during her Winter 2017 tour.

Whoa Mule

Whoa Mule brings you old time country ballads, original songs, and driving triple fiddle dance tunes. Inspired by the rapid weather changes of the Blue Mountains and the bustle of Sydney streets, these musicians deliver a performance characterised by both space and energy. With rich experience earned in bands such as Catgut and Golden Whistler, Whoa Mule affectionately reimagines old time music.

The Swamp Stompers

The Swamp Stompers play funky rock and blues with heavy grooves. Featuring local favourite Corey Legge on vocals and guitar, the band sounds like the musical lovechild of John Butler Trio, Led Zeppelin, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Searing slide guitar, contrasting dual-lead vocals, catchy guitar riffs, and dubstep-inspired didgeridoo soundscapes will have you on your feet bobbing to the groves. Bring your stomping boots and dance your blues away to one of Australia’s most promising young original acts!

The Northern Folk

A huge hit at last year’s Festival, they’re back by popular demand. Hailing from Albury, and now based in Melbourne, The Northern Folk are a collective of eleven musical talents, spreading their unique brand of folk/pop/stomp/rock into the roots of small towns and big cities alike. Combining two powerful vocalists, roaring horns, bashful bass and addictive percussion, their big, diverse sound proves flexible both on stage and on record, and is continuing to earn them a following wherever they travel.

The Somedays

From just over the border in Eurobodalla Shire, The Somedays are a captivating seven-piece Folk and Country Band with grooves to fill the dance floor and emotional heart wrenching ballads with sweet harmonies. Sizzling fiddle, dancing keys, funky base, driving drums, and rhythmic guitar and soaring vocals have been likened to a unique mix of Stevie Nicks, Deborah Conway and Johnny Cash.

The Martins

Mike and Lindsay, musical tarts who have graced the concert stage and the street corner in a range of line-ups, have been playing music together for many years. Their current act is a fusion of the blarney of Mike Martin, a songwriter and musician, and the elegance of Lindsay Martin, virtuoso fiddle player and accompanist. The songs reflect a traveling minstrel’s take on life, influences and experience.

The Fuelers

The Fuelers come at you like a cross between a cereal box cowboy band and a TV game show scripted by Frank Zappa. Describing their swinging, hot-rodded brand of country as “char-grilled racing tunes and deep fried dieselbilly” might give you a snapshot of their act. From the roar of the rodeo ring to the lonely streets of loss, the Fuelers will take you there. BYO hat, spurs and parachute.

The Awesome

From Mallacoota on the Victorian/NSW border The Awesome, feature regularly at concerts and venues along the vast stretch of the coastline and in places like Canberra. Singer/songwriter Mili Cifali trained in classical guitar with Timothy Kain, and Jim Horvath, and studied percussion with Stui Spears. Mili pens unique observations of Australian life, inspired by artists such as Rodriguez, and Paul Kelly. They are joined in delivering their wide range of folk and jazz songs by renowned indigenous artist/didgeridoo player Peter Swain.

Steve Wilson – The Man with the Concertina

Steve Wilson is on a mission – to restore appreciation of the concertina as an instrument for accompanying singing. His concertina style is refreshing and his songs, an eclectic mix of trad and contemporary folk, pop, country, jazzy, bluesy and original material, will bring a smile or a sigh and get toes tapping. Steve’s passion for the concertina is infectious. He likes it when you sing along.


Reflejos draw on many travels and collaborations to create music rich with Latin American rhythms, vocal harmonies and instrumentations, peppered with moments of Spanish and Eastern European folk tradition. Bonnie Smith’s soaring vocals lead audiences seamlessly from stirring laments to rousing melodies that will bring audiences to their feet.

Quaama Singers

The Quaama Singers hail from just a few kilometers down the road from the festival site. They will ‘pop up’ at various times and places around the Festival site singing songs that you will mostly likely know all the words to. Do join in.

Pete Wild and the Only Ones

Pete Wild’s first piano was rescued from a bulldozer at a demolition site. Combining his theatrical background and idiosyncratic honesty, Pete’s performance is deeply compelling as he moves from quirky theatrical absurdities to unexpected poignant and passionate expression. Pete and his band, The Only Ones are touring their freshly pressed album Calm, presenting fresh indi-folk pop, which reads as a survival manual for contemporary small-town country Australia. You will love this collection of vibrant vignettes.

Oud Vibrations

Oud, darabuka, voice and wind instruments blend seamlessly in a sparkling demonstration of instrumental unity. Melodies from Asia Minor and the Middle East combine with original compositions and extraordinary improvisation by two of Australia’s most proficient exponents of these exotic instruments. Andy Busuttil and John Robinson are Oud Vibrations.

No Such Thing

No Such Thing will get you up dancing with their diverse collection of Australian dance tunes. The name came about in an act of Aussie cheek, after a Scottish musician commented that “there is no such thing as Australian dance music”. The band recreates the authentic feel of the old time dance bands and if you don’t want to dance, just tap your feet or clap along.

Neil Murray

Another most welcome return act. Neil Murray was a founding member of the pioneering Warumpi Band, and has since released a string of remarkable solo albums – the latest being “Hindsight”- a 2 CD back catalogue selection. He received the 1995 APRA song of the year for “My Island Home” and in 2017 was made the Port Fairy Folk Festival Artist of the Year. Both “My Island Home” and Jailanguru Pakarnu- (Out From Jail) a 1983 co-write with Sammy Butcher in the indigenous Luritja language- have been included in the National Film And Sound Archives- “Sounds Of Australia” series. Widely covered, his song writing is diverse and influential and in concert, accompanied by renowned guitarist Damien Neil, he always captivates and inspires.

Mr Tim and the Fuzzy Elbows

When Mr Tim and the Fuzzy Elbows step onto the stage, they take children (5 to 12 years) and adults alike on a high-energy adventure full of spontaneous creativity, crazy drama acts, and exciting original songs that have them singing and dancing in no time! Inspired by ‘The Muppets’ and ‘Sesame Street’ ideals of sophisticated music and lyrics that connect to young people, they will excite and delight with their combination of folk, rock, funk, a touch of country and what can only be described as a ‘hypnotic Transylvanian polka’.

Maypole with Molly

Festival regulars and favourites, Maypole with Molly audience participation sessions encourage children and adults to dance around the maypole or play percussion. Dancers will learn how to make a Barber’s Pole, a colourful Weaving Pattern and a Spider’s Web with maypole ribbons. Founder and accordionist, Erika Cleaver (Molly) has been an accompanist and leader of several folk dance groups and is an experienced early childhood teacher who loves sharing music and dance with kids.

Mal Webb & Kylie Morrigan

Vocal adventurer, multi-instrumentalist and looping beatboxing songwriter, Mal sings his brain provoking songs using all sorts of vocal techniques, guitar, mbira, slide trumpet, trombone, chromatic harmonica and a loop recording pedal called Derek. And Kylie (who’s played with Orchestra Victoria and the likes of Stevie Wonder and Barry White!) provides violin and voice in a perfect balance to Mal’s musical nuttiness. Ebulliently eclectic. Nefariously varied. Family fun free from facile frippery. And they won’t repeat a song all festival!

Lily & King

Lily and King describe themselves as “a quirky, musical junkyard from Melbourne”. Their aim is to make music using all of their limbs at the one time. Lily and King create rousingly catchy music that sits somewhere between a captivating 40’s nightclub routine and the raw, rambunctious spirit of New Orleans street buskers. Dixieland punk, junkyard blues, sailor songs, weird carnie show tunes and the odd bit of curious pop, their music is joyful, beautiful and a bit dirty and wicked too.

Leah Flanagan

Leah Flanagan has been capturing hearts for almost a decade and after the success of 2016’s release SAUDADES, now she offers her enchanting third studio album, OCEANIC SESSIONS. Recorded over three years from 2013 to 2015, at Midnight Oil legend Jim Moginie’s Oceanic Studios in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, the album reflects the mentoring collaboration between Moginie and Flanagan. A voice and presence that entrances.

Kate Burke and Ruth Hazleton

Kate Burke and Ruth Hazleton are one of Australia’s favourite festival acts, renowned internationally for their vocal harmonies and exceptional musicianship on guitar and banjo. Their latest album “Declaration” is an album full of atmosphere and shifting gears – from tales of strong women and hardships to wistful vignettes, infidelity, true love, spirituality and the complexity of the world in which we live. They also featured recently on Andy Irvine’s new album with Luke Plumb, so they could pop up at the Festival in another guise.

Judith Browne

From The Crossing Youth Stage to the Festival’s main stages, Judith Browne is a sixteen-year-old Bega High School Student who loves to play guitar and sing. Wonderful, enchanting original songs from a talented singer-songwriter. One of our stars of the future.

Jed Rowe

Making a return trip to Cobargo, Jed Rowe is an acclaimed singer/songwriter and guitarist from Melbourne. His music walks the line between folk, blues and country, and his 4th album A Foreign Country is a richly told collection of stories of Australian life. Rowe’s sublime slide guitar playing and emotive vocal delivery have earned him a reputation as a standout live performer, and he has toured extensively in Australia and Europe. He was nominated for The Age Music Victoria Award for best folk or roots album in 2017.

John McSherry, Donal O’Connor & Niall Hanna

Hailed as one of the finest uilleann pipers of his age, John McSherry has been a major figure in Irish music for almost 20 years. A founder member of top traditional music bands, Lúnasa, Tamalin and Dónal Lunny’s Coolfin, he continues to push the boundaries of Irish music while remaining passionate about its ancient heart. Donal O’Connor, son of the celebrated fiddler Gerry O’Connor and renowned singer Eithne Ni Uallachain, he has inherited a musical legacy of at least five generations of fiddle playing and countless generations of traditional singers. They are joined by Country Tyrone singer and guitarist Niall Hanna.

Jane Thompson & James Rigby

Delightful, insightful, warm and engaging, Jane’s pure singing voice and award-winning song-writing, combined with James’ intricate guitar and strong harmonies, capture the essence of Australia’s heart and soul, landscape and humanity. Songs of reverence for life, our precious earth and a plea for tolerance and understanding, including beautiful songs from the late, great Michael Kennedy who said: “You come away from their concerts with your faith in human nature restored”

James Matthews

With a powerful, gritty voice and dexterous guitar playing, Matthew Burrows is a singer/songwriter with strong roots in Blues and Folk music. His passion and vulnerability are reflected in his songwriting and the intensity of his live performances.

Gleny Rae and Her Playboys

Swing not bling, grease not dust, laughter not tears, beer not whiskey, two step not boot scooting. Gleny Rae Virus and her Playboys – Sam Martin (bullfiddle), Robbie Long (guitar), Pete Fidler (dobro and mandolin) – are taking a leaf from the book of Ray Charles by experimenting with modern sounds within an old genre. Each performance starts with hillbilly swing then moves seamlessly through gypsy jazz, bluegrass, western and blues. Add a good dose of cheeky innuendo and some tales from Gleny’s western NSW upbringing, and you have an entertaining package of hillbilly swing music from Newcastle via Austin Texas!

Georgia State Line

Georgia State Line is an alt-country collective hailing from various parts of small-town Victoria. Fronted by singer-songwriter Georgia Delves, their music is a blend of old-time country, entwined with today’s Americana sound. Delves song-writing hones in on the bittersweet balancing act between growing up and staying young.


From a scarily young age, the Holden boys have been playing with fire. From their home in Candelo, about 40 minutes down the road from Cobargo, they honed their skills with the aim of running away to join the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne. Jesse and Sammy busk around the beautiful Bega Valley, having fun at festivals and fairs as FUEGO. It’s a hot act in more ways than one.

Fiona Ross and Ken Nicol

Traditional singer Fiona Ross joins forces with guitar maestro Ken Nicol (ex-Steeleye Span & Albion Band) to deliver a captivating and dynamic set of Scottish songs, including material from the highly acclaimed album Clyde’s Water that Fiona recently recorded with virtuoso Celtic guitarist Tony McManus. An esteemed tradition bearer in her native Scotland, Fiona brings knowledge, passion & depth to her performance. Her singing style and extensive repertoire showcase the richness, depth and diversity of the Scots song tradition.

Eric Bogle

The word “legend” fits with ease on the shoulders of Eric Bogle, internationally known and respected singer/songwriter who, along with his long term partner in crime, John Munro, has been travelling the world for the past 38 years or so, generally having a good time and callously inflicting his songs on the mostly innocent bystanders he meets along the way.

Eric and John will be joined by Peter Titchener on bass. If you’ve never seen him perform, prepare to be magically inflicted.

Ego Lemos

Ego Lemos, a musician, singer songwriter and environmental troubadour, is a remarkable man, with a remarkable voice in more ways than one. He is the Winner of the 2009 Screen Award and an APRA award for Best Original Song composed for the film Balibo 5. He is also the founder of the Permaculture and sustainable agriculture network in Timor-Leste. He currently works as an adviser for the Timor-Leste Minister of Education on national curriculum reform focusing basic education in the arts and culture including Permaculture.

Den Hanrahan and the Rum Runners

Den Hanrahan’s music is a compendium of ballads, laments and reckless dirges from his songbook of the open road. He puts a very Australian stamp on his love for Americana music with an acoustic backing band that is steeped in the traditions of Ireland. Intrigued? So is the band and that’s why their concerts are so edgy, dynamic and real as Den’s powerful voice and driving guitar tackle the songs of remorse, love, addiction and redemption.

Deep River Choir

This well known Eurobodalla group featuring singing, dancing and drumming presents a fun and uplifting show with songs of peace and freedom along with stunning harmonies and rhythms from Africa. You will learn the stories behind the songs and have the chance to sing and dance too! They love to share the spirit of community music making with everyone.

David Ross Macdonald

The son of an ex jazz trumpeter/dentist, David ditched geology to fail at jazz college then took up washboard to join The Waifs over a Port Fairy Guinness before falling in love with a 1935 Gibson guitar while touring the USA with Bob Dylan which lead to him performing his grab-bag of songs and stories from the road less travelled but long toured. We’re sure he will explain a bit more at his concerts.

Christine Collister & Michael Fix

She draws her inspiration from the Celtic mysteries of the Isle of Man, in the middle of the Irish Sea. He has both the dry deserts of Australia and a German heritage in his blood. Between them, vocalist Christine Collister and guitarist Michael Fix create a rare musical synergy, balancing unique arrangements of timeless songs with their own unforgettable compositions, transcending cultures and musical traditions to entrance audiences wherever they perform. With Christine’s sultry, sensuous voice, combining with Michael’s exquisite guitar playing, the listener is forever transported to places in the soul where only music can take you.

Chrysoula K & Púrpura

This all-woman band from Greece, Púrpura took their name from the Latin word for “purple”, a colour that is the symbol of spirituality, of mystery and of nostalgia for a time when people’s differences were not a cause of division and pain. Púrpura perform songs from the discography of band leader Chrysoula Kechagioglou, as well as traditional and modern songs from different countries, including Greece, Argentina, Portugal, Armenia, and Italy. Chrysoula K. & Púrpura combine elements of tradition with classical forms creating a new sound that is real, nostalgic, vivid, playful and airy. They combine the traditional lute, with the classical flute and cello.

Chris While & Julie Matthews

With 22 years of unrivalled musical partnership gathering numerous nominations, awards and critical acclaim along the way, English Singer/Songwriters, Chris While and Julie Matthews Julie are more powerful than ever and remain at the top of their game. This will be their thirteenth visit to Australia in 20 years. They bring with them their latest studio album, ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ which has garnered much media attention and rave reviews.

1917 Strike

“1917 Strike” is a fascinating and entertaining story of one of Australia’s greatest class struggles – the 1917 great strike. To mark its centenary, AWGIE award-winning writer PP Cranney has created a docu-concert that tells the story through words and music. Christina Mimmocchi, Chloe and Jason Roweth and Catherine Golden perform the songs – some from the time and some original.

Bruce Watson

Joyful, thought provoking, totally engaging, Bruce is an icon of the Australian Folk scene and a major songwriter and performer. He has won a swag of awards and had his songs covered by many other performers. Bruce’s music reflects life, ordinary people, social justice and the environment, often with a surprising twist and quirky sense of humour.

Black Joak Morris

Black Joak Morris performs the traditional folk dancing of the bucolic English Cotswolds. Their Morris dancing is fresh and varied, friendly and skilled, danced to live music provided by talented and knowledgeable musicians. The dancing ranges from single-person jigs to nine-person spectaculars. Morris is an ancient tradition associated with fertility rites and celebration of the seasons. It is also a living tradition and Black Joak perform many dances written recently, including Australian Morris dances developed by the side itself.

Benny Fowler

Benny’s music draws on islander flavours fused with the reggae and African roots of his past musical projects to create hypnotic soundscapes underpinned by painfully catchy melodies. Add to this the beautifully poignant lyrics that Benny has become known for and you can’t help but expect something special. Think world folk music with a gentle edge that cuts.

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